habeshanTube is your news, Entertainment, music fashion website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Also, HabeshanTube is a leading news and media company for Habeshan people. Each month, we engage more than 50 thousand readers with stories about everything from Eritrea and Ethiopia global affairs to arts, music, and relationships.

Habeshantube is one of the few online destinations where it is possible to access the hottest habesha news of both Eritrea and Ethiopia from wherever you are. The rapidly growing habeshantube.com has become more and more keen to provide you with the best, hottest and newest news from the horn of Africa. We understand that there are not many online sites where you can access the latest news concerning Eritrea and Ethiopia, therefore, we are here to be one of those where you can. Not only can you access the latest news, but also share your views, opinions, and thoughts about any of the situations.
Additionally, at habeshantube, we also try our best to provide you with the latest sports’ news from around the world. Almost all of us would also want to know what’s going on around the globe, so why don’t you visit our website for these and similar reasons.

If you are one of those people who admires Eritrean entertainment, then you have come to the right destination. This is (habeshantube.com) the place where you are able to watch, listen, relax and laugh at the same time by the variety of engaging productions of the Eritrean entertainment. As new songs and comedies, as well as movies, keep on emerging from time to time, we are destined to provide you with best as much as we can. You will feel entertained by the many pleasant jokes of the comedies presented and then relaxed by listening to refreshing songs that are emerging with time. There is the chance to learn and giggle at the same time by watching the exciting Sidra Movie Series. Watch the countless Eritrean movies that come out, with new and famous artists starring. Finally, you can read poems that occasionally come up. Finding almost every part of entertainment is nearly impossible, our website is the exception!

We can argue that the entertainment industry in Ethiopia is growing faster than ever. As artists such as comedians, musicians, actors (actresses) and authors have become countless, it is no surprise that they will come with different ideas and more importantly pleasurable productions. As all of us will be aware, the main aim of the entertainment industry is to entertain, and the Ethiopian is no exception to this. Our website will provide the best of these every time they come out, as they do in a short period of time. Enjoy and smile while watching the most humorous Ethiopian comedies and then express your views on how it made you feel. Then feel the taste of Amharic music straight from Addis and watch the suspenseful movies that are evolving quickly and with different styles as well as ideas. One of the popular writing methods in Ethiopia and around the world is a poem; at habeshantube.com poems are added occasionally to add to the humor.




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