Youth psychologist Allan Guggenbühl (64) wants refugees to make a financial contribution to their integration.

How should Switzerland deal with minor refugees? On this question, the ghosts are divided not only by politics. The Zurich psychologist and expert on Youth Welfare, Allan Guggenbühl (64) works with young asylum seekers. In a conversation with the “Basler Zeitung”, he has now taken a position – and has been hard with the Swiss asylum practice.

Psychologist, psychotherapist and expert on Youth Welfare Allan Guggenbühl estimates the case.

“We should not only give, but also demand respect and, at the most, demand a financial contribution,” says Guggenbühl in the interview.

Invest in training instead of in tugs Because of The idea that everyone is about refugees, obstruct the view of reality.

“Apart from those in whose homeland there really is war, we are confronted with a migratory wave of young men. They are looking for a perspective in Europe. That is why we should choose those who want to integrate. ” His recipe: The families are to pay part of the money that they give today to the tugs as integration or training contributions for their children in Europe.

1000 to 2000 francs for an education

In concrete terms, this means: “We take out several young people from these countries every year and make them available for a contribution of 1000 or 2000 francs,” according to the psychologist. “Families in countries of origin, such as Eritrea, can register for such a program and we develop a selection procedure for the reception.” In 1997, so-called unaccompanied minor refugees came to Switzerland last year. Almost two-thirds of them were between 16 and 17 years old, most of whom came from Eritrea.

“Why not offer an Erasmus program to the young men who want to leave?” Guggenbühl suggests. Thus, one could channel the stream of those who wanted to enter Switzerland better. “That would be more direct and healthier than what we are doing today.” (Gr)

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